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Your Beautiful Hair

Jodie's hair practices are completely catered to respect hair integrity & that growth takes time

By balancing style with hair health using handpainted techniques & product choices,

you can be living your best hair life, hitting hair goals whilst caring about the quality of your hair!

Honest Hair Care with Real Results


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Colour & Makeovers

Using brushes to hand paint hair with custom techniques,

Jodie provides colour work that considerately transforms hair

to look natural and radiant.

Goodbye dull, flat tresses - hello eye-catching hair colour!

With subtle enhancement that effortlessly shimmers

From sun-kissed beauty to radiantly bright blondes, deliciously deep brunettes and authentically rich redheads, Jodie paints hair to enhance & celebrate it for

the divine natural canvas that it is.







A Hair Colour Appointment with Jodie is designed to:

  • rebalance, refresh & revive colour

  • suit your lifestyle & aesthetics

  • work with your natural hair colour

  • compliment & elevate your hairstyle

  • thoughtful design to colour longevity

  • supportive colour care & maintenance advice

Hair Cuts can be included!

Simply let us know on your enquiry form

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Ready to Wear

There's nothing worse than not knowing what to do with your hair, and styling can be tricky at the best of times!

Most of us wake up hoping its a good hair day, but an appointment with Jodie will help you identify & understand your hair as well as how to wear & keep your style!

An appointment with Jodie is designed to:

  • highlight your best assets & personal style,

  • compliment your lifestyle & aesthetics

  •  grow out well, style longevity

  • suit your preferences & hair condition

  • improve hair quality with a care routine

  • support your style with 1 to 1 advice

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Events &Weddings


Style for your big day!

Jodie respects that finding the right hair design for weddings, parties & events can be overwhelming and is only too happy to bring her calm energy and editorial expertise to care for you and your hair needs.


From going to the races, to private parties, red carpet, special occasions & wedding days,

Jodie ensures personalised services that work with your plans

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​Book Jodie to design & look after your event hair with

VIP style & care

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  • design a pre-event hair plan to get hair in ideal colour, style & condition

  • styling inspiration & ideas

  • trials & testing of hairstyles

  • accessory guidance & advice

  • all day services & support

  • personalised plan to suit your needs work with event details


Consciously Kind

Its no understatement that Jodie cares about hair deeply;

from how it looks, to how it feels, the way it moves, how it's colour & texture plays under lighting...

(her list of 'hair loves' is long)

However, it's just as important to Jodie that she considers the effects that hair

care & colour products & businesses can have on us, our hair, and the environment.

Jodie thoughtfully tests, chooses and offers

the brands and products that will meet the needs of her clients

whilst caring about their long term & lasting effects on their consumers and the environment.

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Sustainable Hair Care

If you have any questions or would like to enquire further about

products, brands or working with Jodie, contact